Surprise! Your Basement Suite MUST be Removed! | Posted on Mon, Jun 15th 2015 16:30

More and more first time home buyers as well as certain types of investors are showing interest in homes featuring basement suites.

Saskatoon Housing Market Update | May 2015 | Posted on Mon, Jun 15th 2015 08:46

Saskatoon’s housing market continues on, as major trends become established in the area. Sales have fallen, and there may be some impending downward pressure on real estate prices in the near future. A review of the latest data suggests that this trend has not yet arrived in some areas of the real estate market.

Listings up by 34% - new home lot sales down. How will this impact my Saskatoon home sale today? | Posted on Mon, May 25th 2015 10:57

If you are interested in Saskatoon real estate, you may be aware that there are a high number of MLS® homes currently for sale

Saskatoon Housing Market Update | April 2015 | Posted on Fri, May 22nd 2015 12:59

The Saskatoon housing and real estate market is moving along, judging by the most recent data collected for April 2015. More new listings are anticipated, which will have a domino effect on the rest of the market.

Below is a housing market update for Areas 1-5 and Areas 6-9.

Selling Your Condominium? How a Real Estate Agent is Vital to the Process | Posted on Mon, May 18th 2015 00:00

Do you want to sell a condo in Saskatoon and surrounding areas? Thinking of selling your condominium on your own, without a real estate agent by your side?

Getting a Rebate From Your Mortgage Insurer when Buying a Home for Sale with Energy Saving Features | Posted on Thu, Apr 23rd 2015 09:14

Did you recently purchase a home for sale? If so, you may be eligible for a rebate.

These rebates can significantly reduce your overall expenses by putting money back into your pocket. It’s not uncommon to receive cheques for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Saskatoon Housing Market Update | March 2015 | Posted on Thu, Apr 23rd 2015 08:33

What is the status of the Saskatoon housing market? This is a question homeowners, homebuyers, and real estate agents are asking themselves, because in a fast-moving housing market, information is key.

Fortunately, the Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS® has compiled a market update for the month of March 2015.

Four Tips to Buy a Condominium in Today’s Real Estate Market | Posted on Mon, Apr 20th 2015 00:00

Real estate market conditions are ever changing. How to be in tune and buy a condominium with confidence

First, understand what drives the market and how to take advantage of it. Currently there are plenty of condos for sale in Saskatoon and surrounding areas that may be yours, if you follow a few core tips.

Preparing Your Home For Sale: Don't Make A Costly Mistake | Posted on Wed, Mar 18th 2015 17:05

Are you preparing your home for sale? If so, you may be in need of quality real estate advice so you can avoid something every homeowner fears: a costly mistake.

You can find a lot of "how to" online advice when preparing your home for sale, some of which I, as a real estate agent, agree with and endorse. Here are a few pieces of advice I think you should consider.

Want to Sell a Home in Martensville and Surrounding Areas? Follow These Real Estate Market Trends | Posted on Mon, Mar 16th 2015 00:00

If you want to sell a home in Martensville and surrounding areas, you need to be aware of real estate market trends and how they will impact your home and your prospects of selling it. Real estate market trends – what house prices are; demographics-who is in the market; or what types and styles of homes are hot commodities.

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