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Condominium Buyers' Guide

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Condo real estate in Saskatoon is a popular housing alternative but a number of points should be considered before making a purchase. What should you look for when buying a condo? What are the different types of condos available? How does condo maintenance, condo fees, and condo living work? How can you be sure you are making a smart purchase?

If you have ever pondered these questions, this condominium buyers’ guide is for you. Check it out and keep in mind that the process of buying a condo as real estate in Saskatoon does not need to be complicated especially when a top agent, experienced with condo real estate in Saskatoon, handles all the details.

The Essentials when Buying a Condo:

Committing to Buying a condo is to agree to the ownership of part of a housing corporation in which each owner shares in the responsibility and cost of managing and maintaining the property as a whole.

When buying a condo in Saskatoon explorer the variety of options open to you.

  • Low-rise and high-rise apartment style condos.
  • Coach and townhouse style condos.
  • Bare land style condos. ­

Some are ideal economical starters, some are lavish luxury units and others are somewhere in between. Each style has differing features and benefits, resulting in differing maintenance budgets and therefore differing monthly condo fees.

An example of differing features (which will affect your condo fee budget):

  • Heated parking vs. outdoor parking.
  • Common heating system vs. individual furnaces for each unit.
  • Recreational and social areas such as pools or gyms, common BBQ area, wood working or craft room.

Condo Living - what to expect:

  • Condos don’t typically have private yards.
  • Condos have shared, communal spaces.
  • Condos can have the comforts of a single family home, but without the maintenance work.
  • Condos can accommodate families of all sizes.
  • Condos have shared costs and shared responsibilities.
  • Condos give owners a chance to be a part of a close-knit community.
  • Condos don’t typically offer the same size as a single family home.

Finding the Best Real Estate in Saskatoon

Now that you understand a few of the differences between a condo and a house, what other factors should you keep in mind?

One factor you want to consider is condo fees. Condo fees, as mentioned above, are monthly fees that go toward the upkeep and maintenance of the condos themselves, common areas, amenities, and other shared property.

You want to find a community with acceptable condo fees, fees that are not too exorbitant for your budget. This is one area that can snag a condo buyer, since not all real estate in Saskatoon is subject to condo fees.

You might also encounter different types of condominiums. To avoid confusion, refer to this simple condominium buyers’ guide to differentiate between them:

  • Apartment-style condos: A complex with two or more floors, indoor common hallways and common (shared) entrances to the building.
  • Coach home-style condos: Similar to an apartment from the outside, but no common indoor hallway; each unit with its own exterior entrance.
  • Townhouse: Each with its own exterior entrances. Side walls are shared.

This condominium buyers’ guide – is designed to outline the basics and help you put them into perspective. If you have questions, or need more help with buying a condo, don’t hesitate – contact Mercina today! Having assisted many satisfied clients over the years, I offer a great deal of knowledge and experience. Allow me to help you with your condo purchase and enjoy a smooth and worry free process. Blog

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