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Are you getting ready to buy real estate in Saskatoon?

Are you prepared to go through the long but important mortgage financing process that can give you the funds you need to purchase the Saskatoon real estate of your dreams? If so, you need to start the mortgage financing process the right way – fully prepared and armed with information that will help you find the right financing and the right home.

For many homeowners, that means knowing what you will expect to pay every month for a given property. If you want to make sure your dream home will fit within your budget, and understand how smart it is to plan ahead, then take one important – and smart – next step: use our mortgage payment calculator!

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Mortgage Payment Calculator
Buying a home?Calculate the mortgage payment that is right for you.

Using the Mortgage Payment Calculator

Being successful with mortgage financing is all about planning ahead.

After all, you don’t want to get in over your head and buy a home that is really outside of your budget. You also want to get the most home for your money. This all means that a mortgage payment calculator is an invaluable tool.

Here’s how it works, in an easy-to-use five-step process:

1. Put in the home’s purchase price (what you think you will ultimately pay for the home)

2. Include the interest rate

3. Put in your estimated down payment

4. Type in your amortization term, or how long your mortgage will be (i.e. 15 years, 30 years)

5. Estimate your monthly taxes and insurance

Hit Calculate and in seconds, you’ll receive an estimated mortgage payment based off the information you included.

For example, if we want to buy real estate worth $450,000, and have enough for a 20 percent down payment over a 30-year loan at 4% interest (with an estimated $250 a month in taxes and insurance), we can put all of that info into the mortgage payment calculator and receive our estimated mortgage payment of $1,961.87.

If we determine that our budget is really only $1,750 a month, we can find a home that is more aligned with our budget – thus saving us valuable time and money.

Buying Real Estate the Smart Way

When buying real estate using mortgage financing in Saskatoon, it’s always advised to do it the smart way.
Once you’ve used the calculator to help plan your real estate expenses, you should have the info you need to begin searching for the dream home you’ve always wanted.

Talk to a real estate pro to start buying real estate in Saskatoon the right way – the smart way. It all starts with understanding your budget, then finding homes that fit within that budget.

Use this payment calculator, then let your real estate agent help you take the next steps toward a happy future in your new home! Blog

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