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Cutting Closing Costs: Is It Possible to Save Money when Buying a Home? | Posted on Wed, Oct 21st 2015 00:00

When buying a home a certain portion of the purchase will be from savings – this is what is referred to as the down payment. The rest will be financed and in most cases will be via a mortgage. However there will be additional expenses incurred as various inspections are conducted, the mortgage is registered and the title is transferred. These expenses are known as closing costs and must be paid before the home can be considered sold.

Houses for Sale: Narrowing Down Real Estate Listings in Martensville and Surrounding Areas | Posted on Mon, Aug 17th 2015 00:00

Want to buy a home? If you are like most buyers, you have a ton of houses for sale on your list to sort and look through– and may already be getting overwhelmed with all the choices you have for real estate listings in Martensville and surrounding areas.

Three Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Home | Posted on Mon, Jul 20th 2015 00:00

Interested in buying a home that is for sale in Warman but you are not sure if it will be a wise purchase? Need some guidance as to what really counts when choosing from real estate listings in Warman and surrounding areas?

How to Easily Find the Best Real Estate Listings in Saskatoon and Surrounding Areas | Posted on Mon, Jun 22nd 2015 00:00

You want to buy a home – perhaps you want a condo or maybe a traditional single family home – You have been searching through seemingly endless websites full of properties for sale and at times have felt overwhelmed. So how do you sort through all the options and find the perfect home for you?

Four Tips to Buy a Condominium in Today’s Real Estate Market | Posted on Mon, Apr 20th 2015 00:00

Real estate market conditions are ever changing. How to be in tune and buy a condominium with confidence

First, understand what drives the market and how to take advantage of it. Currently there are plenty of condos for sale in Saskatoon and surrounding areas that may be yours, if you follow a few core tips.

Must-Have Tips for Purchasing a House for the Best Price | Posted on Mon, Dec 15th 2014 00:00

Are you thinking of purchasing a house? Want to find real estate for sale in Martensville and the surrounding areas, Warman and/or Saskatoon and obtain it for the best price you possibly can?

We all do. Fortunately, there are ways you can increase your chances of success when pursuing property listings in the open market.

The Essential Knowledge You’ll Need to Become a Homeowner | Posted on Wed, Nov 19th 2014 00:00

Want to become a homeowner? Have you found yourself looking for real estate for sale in Warman and surrounding areas, Martensville and/or Saskatoon? Are you unsure about what you need to know about the housing market when you make one of the most important decisions in your life?

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